Free CRM About Us

Cloud Free CRM for Every Business

Since launching our first cloud Free CRM - in 2003, we've been at the cutting edge of SaaS software for small, medium, and large businesses everywhere.

Free CRM delivers not just cloud-based Free CRM but a full range of software and choice in how you want it - licensed, on-demand, private label, and custom services.

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Our Team

Eric Stone

Founder, CEO

Eric Stone is the founder and CEO of Free CRM and started in 2003. Programming since 1980, Eric has experience in Enterprise software with Wells Fargo, Toyota, Kaiser Permanente.

Harel Malka

Founder, CTO

Harel is the founder and CTO of Free CRM and started in 2003; enterprise experience at Barclay's and BBC.

Our Mission

Free CRM brings best-in-class cloud software and services and offers monthly and licensed productions and solutions. Our integrated mobile and web platform delivers the highest speed, security, and functionality available with today's cutting-edge Internet technology. We are experienced in providing the best technology solutions for your business.

Free CRM operates advanced clouds at Amazon AWS, our network in our secure cloud, and delivers uncompromised uptime and system availability. With a target of six nines (99.9999%) availability, our engineers are on duty 24/7/365 to ensure your data is always available to you and is safe and secure. Our physical facilities meet or exceed all federal and International requirements for data security, redundancy, business resumption, and continuity. delivers the highest quality cloud services anywhere.

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